Information Management System


Playtech’s award-winning player management platform, the Information Management Solution (IMS), allows operators full visibility and control of the entire player lifecycle from one centralised point for all operational needs. A single account overview gives operators the capabilities and flexibility to tailor data-driven communication to player segments or even individual players, increasing the relevance of marketing activity to streamline costs and resources. IMS delivers an enhanced player experience through the unique omni-channel capabilities, allowing players to seamlessly transition across games and platforms via a single account and wallet

Our player engagement and CRM toolset includes the real-time Player Journey canvas, our Campaign Planner for scheduled marketing and communication, and our real-time clustering engine, which allows you to build data-driven player clusters with dynamic auto-selection.

IMS works in conjunction with Playtech Protect which brings together Playtech’s safer and responsible gambling and compliance technology, tools and services, allowing operators to combine the power of BetBuddy’s sophisticated machine learning-driven insights with the personalised communication capabilities of IMS. Tools such as in-game and onsite messaging, proactive chat, push messaging, plus direct email and SMS communication offer a vital way to proactively address player risk, helping to build a safer environment for all. Access to services from TruNarrative, our preferred partner for player onboarding, compliance and risk management services, is available through IMS via our SAAS programme.

IMS also allows operators to customise the look of their products, freely configure and select their communications channels and define a risk strategy according to their own policies. Another key benefit of IMS is the flexibility of integration it offers for third-party elements such as content suppliers, land-based entities and other online wallets.

IMS can be adapted to the bespoke requirements of individual clients, and its unique modular structure makes the system scalable for and adaptable to the needs of distinct regulatory jurisdictions. IMS is also set up for simple integration of additional solutions, allowing us to continually expand and enhance its capabilities. Our Predictive Alerts Monitoring technology can identify and address system issues before they even occur, preventing costly downtime or escalation of errors.