Engagement Centre

The ultimate player engagement tool set

Unlock the power of end-to-end, personalised player engagement, all in one place, with the Player Engagement Centre. The Engagement Centre brings together all Playtech’s industry-leading personalisation and communication tools in one central location within IMS – giving you everything you need to engage your players at every stage in their lifecycle.

Bringing together all the Engagement elements of IMS, Playtech’s Engagement Centre supports all products – not just Casino.



When & where to Engage? Easily manage and plan campaigns with Real-Time Clustering, E360 and Player Journey through Control Deck

How to Engage? Real-time player Communication Tools

Who to Engage with? Optimisation and personalisation of player journey from acquisition to retention with Data-driven Personalisation Tools

What to provide? Increasing engagement with Player Rewards


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At the heart of the Engagement Centre Control Deck is Engagement 360 – a ground-breaking, data-driven campaign creation, delivery and personalisation tool. Create real-time campaigns via an intuitive interface, targeted to individual players or defined customer segments. Data-driven player clustering allows you to design bespoke campaigns for sub-sections of your audience, easily creating A/B tests to evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches.

With E360 you can take instant action based on player responses and activity, with features including dynamic bonus triggering directly to player’s wallet. Its data-driven design means you can receive up-to-date campaign performance information as you go and re-target players accordingly.

·  Foster engagement from day one with anti-churn campaigns

·  Add a personalised feel with birthday bonuses

·  Reward regular players with targeted VIP campaigns

·  Benefit from BetBuddy integration to deliver bespoke safer gambling messages


Real-time Player Clustering

The Control Deck is also home to our Real-time Player Clustering technology – allowing you to create infinite, condition-based player clusters to target your marketing activity as tightly as possible. Once you have created a cluster, players are automatically moved in or out depending on whether they meet the conditions at that precise moment, making sure the most relevant messaging is delivered when the player is at their most engaged.

Rather than creating separate rulesets for each player interaction, with Clustering, you can simply create one ruleset with a tag and use that tag everywhere. Multiple conditions can be combined in a single cluster for the most effective targeting, with players potentially eligible for several.

Fully compatible with our Player Journey tool, Real-time Player Clustering can be used for any API tools that support player tags, including third-party tools.


Player Journey

Player Journey gives you everything you need to build, test and automate an individual journey, guiding players towards specific goals, creating the optimum lifetime-cycle experience.


Each journey compromises of a set of activities the player needs to go through to reach a specific goal; for example, making a certain number of deposits. You can also apply additional conditions, such as playing a specific game. With Player Journey’s Milestones feature, you can set up various “prompts” along the way to encourage players to complete their journey, such  in-game messages reminding players how close they are to a goal, or incentives to keep the player engaged; for example, free spins to get them closer to a minimum number.


Journeys are built using a set of “building blocks” – Message, Bonus, Player Details and Flow Blocks. Flow Blocks control the progress of a journey – whether it splits based on a condition or event, or at random – and also includes Wait Blocks, where a set period of time must pass before a player can progress.


In the example below, the journey tests how players react when given an immediate bonus versus those offered one via SMS later, with 10% of players sent no communication as a control group:









Key capabilities

·  Monitoring – tracking real-time player behaviour to tailor activity

·  Bonus timing – issue bonuses at set intervals (e.g. every 24 hours)

·  In-game communication – send players on different journeys based on their response

·  Support a gamified experience with Milestones, timed bonuses and in-game messaging

·  Connect real-time and scheduled campaign activity – no waiting for periodic ETLs

·   E-Mail and SMS communication – contact players after they play

The Engagement Centre is home to a full communication suite, giving you everything you need to contact and engage with your players in the most effective way at the optimum time.

In-game messaging – Interact with players at their most engaged – as they play. Available in pop-up format or a less intrusive “toaster” style, in-game messages can be sent manually or automatically based on pre-defined triggers. Tackle potential churn, share special offers, send safer gambling messages, encourage cross-sell and more.














Lobby messaging – configurable to fit your brand and match the design of in-game messages, lobby messages appear as an overlay on login. Bring promotions and challenges such as leaderboards to life with a range of image and animation options, including GIFs and transparent backgrounds.

ezPush – Engage with players at any time, even when they are offline, with automated, personalised push notifications.

Chat widget – Easily embedded anywhere on-site, the Chat Widget can be triggered in real time by events or player behaviour to put your support team in touch with players.

SMS and emails – Use within campaigns or as automatic responses to specific player
journey events.

Inbox 2.0 – Easy two-way communication between you and your players, with CSS styling options to personalise the widget to your brand.

Personalised Games Grid 2

Built around a real-time data engine, PGG 2 displays a unique, personalised grid to each player, covering several categories based on their gaming behaviour.

The Engagement Centre is fully linked with all IMS bonusing tools, including Free Spins and Golden Chip, meaning you can boost the power of your E360 and Player Journey campaigns with instant bonusing. Additionally, the Engagement Centre includes:

Game Modifiers

Give players something extra and engage them for longer with Game Modifiers. Available for selected titles, modifiers allow you to unlock special features and options to enhance player experience – for example, extra characters or symbols, or increased RTP – either automatically via pre-defined rules or manually. Unique to Playtech games, modifiers offer an alternative to financial bonusing and incentives, focusing on the gameplay and the player's sense of receiving something extra and unique.

Playtech Leaderboards

Boost engagement through gamification with the opportunity for players to win extra prizes via real-time, targetable Leaderboards. Create Leaderboard tournaments open to all your players, or highly targeted Leaderboards for specific segments. Control featured games and stake and win amounts, add “boost” events and more.











Leaderboards offer a range of options to encourage safer gambling and minimise the incentive for harmful play; for instance, limits on the number of individual bets eligible for points qualification.