Engagement Centre

The Engagement Centre is fully linked with all IMS bonusing tools, including Free Spins and Golden Chip, meaning you can boost the power of your Campaign Planner and Player Journey campaigns with instant bonusing. Additionally, the Engagement Centre includes:

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points allows you to award and manage points across Casino, Live Casino and POP, enabling you to boost your players’ activity further and giving you control of where and when your players will get the most back from your Casino. Loyalty Points leads the way to a more personalised experience. This can be achieved through the configurable rates at which your players generate Loyalty Points, and - more importantly - how players can now convert Loyalty Points into casino bonuses such as Free Spins and Golden Chips. By setting up the points accrual rules and bonus conversion rules with all the flexibility that Playtech’s IMS can provide, you can provide a truly unique casino experience for your players



Playtech Leaderboards

Reward players with the opportunity to win extra prizes and points through real-time, targetable Leaderboards, boosting engagement. Create Leaderboard tournaments open to all your players, or highly targeted Leaderboards for specific segments. Control featured games and stake and win amounts, add “boost” events and more. Leaderboards offer a range of options to encourage safer gambling and minimise the incentive for harmful play; for instance, limits on the number of individual bets eligible for points qualification.










Game Modifiers

Give players something extra and engage them for longer with Game Modifiers. Available for selected titles, modifiers allow you to unlock special features and options to enhance player experience – for example, extra characters or symbols, or increased RTP – either automatically via pre-defined rules or manually. Unique to Playtech games, modifiers offer an alternative to financial bonusing and incentives, focusing on the gameplay and the player’s sense of receiving something extra and unique.