The Engagement Centre is home to a full communication suite, giving you everything you need to contact and engage with your players in the most effective way at the optimum time.

In-game messaging

Interact with players at their most engaged – as they play. Available in pop-up format or a less intrusive “toaster” style, in-game messages can be sent manually or automatically based on pre-defined triggers. Tackle potential churn, share special offers, send safer gambling messages, encourage cross-sell and more.


Lobby messaging

Configurable to fit your brand and match the design of in-game messages, lobby messages appear as an overlay in the lobby area. Bring promotions and challenges such as leaderboards to life with a range of image and animation options, including GIFs and transparent backgrounds.

SMS and Emails

Manage your offline communicaton in conjunction with real-time communication. Use within campaigns or as automatic responses to specific player journey events.

Inbox 2.0

Easy two-way communication between you and your players, with CSS styling options to personalise the widget to your brand.


Engage with players at any time, even when they are offline, with automated, personalised push notifications on mobile and web browsers.

Chat widget

Easily embedded anywhere on-site, the Chat Widget can be triggered in real time by events or player behaviour to put your support team in touch with players.