Player Journey

Player Journey gives you all tools you need to build, test and automate an individual journey, including guiding players towards specific goals and enabling gamification activity, creating the optimum lifetime-cycle experience.

Each journey compromises of a set of activities the player needs to go through to reach a specific goal; for example, making a certain number of deposits. You can also apply additional conditions, such as playing a specific game. With Player Journey’s Milestones feature, you can set up various “prompts” along the way to encourage players to complete their journey, such as in-game messages reminding players how close they are to a goal, or incentives to keep the player engaged.

Milestones functionality gives you the power to pinpoint where a player is in their journey cycle, empowering you to interact with them at their most receptive point; for example, giving players the option to play to earn rewards, such as free spins or leaderboard points, thereby keeping them engaged with the game.

Journeys are built using a set of categories – Message, Awards, Bonus, Player Details and Responsible Gaming, with the use of Flow Blocks. Flow Blocks control the progress of a journey – whether it splits based on a condition or event, or at random – and also includes Wait Blocks, where you can control the timings within which an action needs to happen.

In the example below, the journey tests the effectiveness of different communication options to try and identify what type of engagement will work best. 45% of the players were engaged through Toaster messages, 45% through the use of in-game messages and the last 10% of players were in a control group, so were not sent any communication.


Player Journey (1).png


Key capabilities:

  • Gamification – identify key engagement points and guide players towards objectives
  • Automation - automate your CRM activities and easily manage in one place
  • Monitoring Campaigns – track real-time player behaviour and define the right moment to tailor activity such as gamification campaigns
  • Responsible gaming capabilities - allow responsibility gaming activities to be set easily (deposit limit and loss limit)
  • Rewards – ability to issue rewards at set intervals (e.g. every 24 hours)
  • In-game communication – send players on different journeys based on their response


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