Powering safer gambling

As a business, the biggest impact Playtech can have on society stems from its gambling technology. That is why the first commitment under Sustainable Success is about powering safer gambling solutions. This has always been a vital area for Playtech – and the sector it operates in – but will only become more important in the years ahead. 

  • Playtech Protect

    Since 2017, BetBuddy has been a core offering for Playtech. It’s a ground-breaking Responsible Gambling analytics platform. In 2020, Playtech brought together its RG and compliance technology, tools, services and research to further invest in a new era of innovation in responsible gambling and consumer protection.  The launch of Playtech Protect was a signal of the Group’s ambition to be at the forefront of innovation and place safer gambling at the heart of its core products and services. The suite of solutions includes the IMS platform, Engagement Centre and BetBuddy AI-driven application, as well as ongoing research into sustainable Product and Game Design.

  • Safer product and game design

    In 2018, Playtech established a sustainable game design expert group, consisting of internal experts from technology, game studios, head of business units, compliance and responsible business. The group serves as the internal coordination body to define and implement a framework for responsible game design. The resulting framework and programme have been independently evaluated by a leading academic in safer gambling and game design.

    In 2019, Playtech began working with several of its licensees to trial and evaluate product labelling for online slots. The results will inform a game design framework and labelling scheme for the industry in the future. Playtech is also undertaking data-driven research to build an empirical evidence base examining the relationships between game features, player behaviours and at-risk play.

  • Shaping industry standards and insights

    Playtech has also been sharing its research and insights on game design with the industry through the UK industry body, the Betting and Gaming Council and via its contribution to the new industry Safer Gambling Commitments. We have been working with the regulator and industry to develop an industry code of conduct on safer game design

  • Research and insights to reduce gambling related harm

    Playtech’s safer gambling research programme covers a variety of highly relevant themes, including Data Analytics, Product Safety, Ethics and AI and Digital Resilience  The programme builds on ongoing efforts to be at the forefront of research into behavioural gambling risk factors and how to convert those insights into player engagement. 

    For more information visit our Playtech Protect page