Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis Tools

We always welcome new licensees to join the list of our highly successful clients. There are many big names in the industry of online gaming and sports betting and we pride ourselves on being the ones, who helped those well-known gaming service providers to start and grow. We won't promise it will be super-easy, but let us speak from experience: we can support any gaming business from live casino to bingo network.

And by that we mean more than providing our partners with best-in-class gaming products. We are also ready to offer our licensees financial services. We have:

  • Top industry experts with a strong focus on online gaming and sports gaming business
  • Over 13 years of expertise, with thousands of cases in our portfolio
  • Advanced financial reporting and analysis tools

We offer an extensive range of financial services to the industry’s top operators, reviewing and monitoring a variety of online activities. Our first rate financial reporting and analysis tools include:

  • Player payout approval/decline
  • Dispute withdrawal requests
  • Wagering calculations
  • Procedure submittal
  • Document review
  • and more

Get on board and we'll back you up with a full financial service kit.

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