Customer Support

From Sign Up to Winnings Withdrawal

Customer support is not just a couple of words hidden somewhere at the back of your site. In the online gaming industry, these services are often even more important than impressive site design or a range of cool, but unessential features.

There are several reasons why customer support should not be neglected :

1. Not all of your customers are tech savvy For example, our licensees have players of different age groups and figuring out some of the features can be difficult for seniors.

2. Where there's money, there are money issues. Whether it's just a misunderstanding or a serious problem, it's always good when your players know that they will be heard and taken care of, especially if there's money in question

3. You retain your customers and add to your reputation. A good online gaming operator never leaves their clients in trouble. The fewer unresolved disputes you have, the better your business reputation will be, both for your clients and partners

4. You get first-hand feedback. Which features are troublesome for too many players? Which features they like or wish to use? A great deal of information can be collected by customer support teams.

Our email and phone customer support is available 24/7, provided by a highly skilled team of professionals with industry-leading response times. The support team takes players by the hand through the whole gaming process, from sign up and registration, through deposit, play and withdrawal.

Just let us know you need a hand with your customer support.

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