Playtech Turnkey Services

Playtech Turnkey Services (PTTS) offers operators all the necessary tools and expertise required to run a offering.

Playtech Turnkey Services

Through our PTTS division we offer product design, operational management, internal and external marketing, fully customisable applications and 24/7 live support to ensure that operators and their players receive a fully optimised gaming experience.

Using our robust and reliable services

We take care of all your hosting needs. We successfully manage thousands of sites across all the major gaming jurisdictions ensuring they are run without fail and to 100% functionality.

If they prefer customers can choose co-location hosting services on a shared environment, for both game servers and player databases.

This encompasses:

  • Image hosting
  • DDoS prevention
  • DNS management
  • 3rd party services
  • Geo-location services
  • Maintenance services
  • Client and banner hosting

We are able to manage any specific business requirement. Our feature-rich hosting services offer complete operational optimisation to ensure your business runs efficiently and smoothly and without any downtime.

We offer a choice of 50 payment methods

Credit card processing gateways, acquirers, e-wallets, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), worldwide bank draft pay out options via local banks, wire transfer and pre-paid cards and many more.

We always work to meet the specific needs of our clients and can tailor a particular payment model to suit the specific fiscal requirements of each individual customer.

Our payment advisory services also include advising on:

  • Marketing activities
  • Targeting new markets
  • Introduction of payment services per country, currency, type
  • Most effective ways of using any supported payment solution
  • New payment services in any active and focused market
  • Linking clients to the marketing department of any supported payment solution

Our unrivalled network management services

We can assist with numerous issues including jackpot claims, player complaints and collusion checks for cash outs.

We provide our customers with all the necessary tools to efficiently manage their networks, including data analysis, server hosting, and tournament set-up, all supported by 24/7 support.

Our intuitive network services mean our customers are guaranteed profitability from day one with the immediate benefits of high prize values and established games that enjoy extensive player traffic.

We employ our online global marketing experts

To maximise the performance and overall lifetime value of each and every player across all our licensees.

As a result, we have developed a multitude of key marketing services, including affiliate marketing, media program management, search engine optimisation and CRM strategies:

Affiliate Marketing Services

  • 50,000+ affiliates ready to push your products through the world's leading egaming affiliate program
  • Affiliate managers who, with a rigorous and dedicated approach, service all the program's products
  • Product branding in affiliate conferences and industry trade shows
  • Multi-lingual services for all online marketing needs

Media Program management

  • Professional team of experienced media buyers capable of building various multi-language campaigns
  • Daily tracking of all campaigns with a strong focus on optimisation in order to achieve maximum ROI

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Full-scope promotion by a team of developers and SEO experts in the dominant search engines
  • Effective optimisation of search results in all relevant languages using the appropriate keywords


  • Product specific marketing strategies including loyalty programs, communication tools and full trading room service for sportsbooks

Playtech’s customer services are unrivalled

We ensure that every element of the products we offer are supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Our email and telephone customer support is provided by a highly skilled team of industry professionals with leading response times. Support is available around the clock.

Our expert support team are able to guide customers through the entire gaming journey.

We place our operators and their players at the heart of everything we do and, in doing so, ensure every query and issue is heard and dealt with appropriately

As the leading provider in the gaming industry

We supply our partners with unrivalled gaming products powered by our award-winning IMS player management platform. This is further enhanced by providing our licensees with a comprehensive range of financial services including reporting and analysis and real-time online monitoring.

We have two decades of industry insight and expertise in developing best-in-class financial reporting and analysis tools, created by our industry experts in order to help our customers review and monitor a whole host of online activities.

Our financial reporting and analysis tools include:

  • Player pay out approval
  • Dispute withdrawal requests
  • Wagering calculations
  • Procedure submittal
  • Document review
  • And many more

We offer our licensees fully licensed, cutting-edge software

Here at Playtech we pride ourselves on our robust, certified and secure products, software and platforms that keep customers happy and their players safe.

Our intuitive risk management tools monitor every aspect of a gaming operation and provide automated alerts ensuring that any suspicious activity is swiftly detected, preventing any fraudulent behaviour.

Customers are able to rely on our extensive expertise backed by our best-in-class technology in order to help prevent and combat fraud and ensure their business remains fully operational at all times.