Our Commitments

  • Responsible Gambling

    Responsible business practices are not just the right thing to do - they are critical to protecting our license to operate, and to delivering long-term commercial success.

    We are committed to enabling a safe and responsible form of entertainment and taking action to reduce harmful play.

  • Contributing to our Local Communities

    In the markets where we operate, our employees play an active role in contriuting time, skills, in kind services and money to charitable organisations and causes. The following are just a few stories of how our employees and operations our contributing positively to their communities during 2016.

  • Skill based volunteering

    (Daniel Fairs, Game Developer, Playtech and Charity Special Effect)

    Technology is about changing our world, no matter how big or small that change is. Through his passion for video games and harnessing the online community that share that passion, one Playtech employee has taken it upon himself to do just that.

    Four years later he has raised valuable funds that have been put towards projects that enable people with disabilities to enjoy games they would have otherwise been unable to play.

  • Gaming for Good

    (Partnership between YoYo Games, part of the Playtech Group and Humble Bundle)

    Giving something back is often something companies consider doing but never action. Dundee based YoYo Games, part of the Playtech Group, was determined to give something back to the community and partnered with Humble Bundle, a well-known charity-driven organisation focused on the gaming industry. Several initiatives later both businesses have given a considerable percentage of their revenues to good causes.

  • Sharing knowledge to encourage more girls to enter the technology industry

    (Playtech Tallinn, Estonia)

    Seventeen years ago Playtech was founded in Tallinn in Estonia. Since then the company has opened a number of other offices across the country and established strong links within a variety of local communities, particularly across the multiple tiers of Estonia’s education system. From universities and specialist graduate technology conferences and events to mentoring young adults and interns in their first jobs, the business continues to endeavour to give back as much as it can to young people and develop their skills so they can grow into successful technology professionals. The IT and technology industry, however remains a largely male environment, therefore Playtech Tallinn’s recent efforts have concentrated on working with young women and girls to encourage them to enter a sector that can lead to huge opportunities within a rapidly digital world.