Industry-leading Responsible Gambling technology

  • Acquired by Playtech in 2017

    BetBuddy is a ground-breaking Responsible Gambling analytics platform. Built around data mining and predictive analytics, BetBuddy combines the latest research into gambling behaviour patterns with the power of machine learning, delivering a sophisticated end-to-end solution to proactively identify and engage with at-risk players.

    BetBuddy’s Artifical Intelligence-driven machine learning models not only deliver greater accuracy, but are also fully explainable – a unique capability of the solution. A research partnership with the Research Centre for Machine Learning at City, University of London ensures BetBuddy’s solutions remain state-of-the-art.

Seamless IMS integration – Access BetBudy’s Responsible Gambling insights seamlessly from Playtech’s core IMS player management platform for a quick-to-implement, cost-effective ‘out of the box’ Responsible Gambling solution for an ever-more stringent regulatory environment.

Omni-channel  Build segment-specific risk models to support players across retail and online play with a consistent approach and methodology, ensuring all customers are treated consistently. This is also more efficient in terms of solution modelling, development and ongoing support costs.

In-game messaging  Ongoing player interaction is a key requirement from regulators. BetBuddy works seamlessly with the IMS Campaign Manager,meaning you can deliver highly personalised and focused Responsible Gambling messages in real-time via any channel at key trigger points in-game, or via email or SMS.

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  • Key features:

    • Access in-depth business intelligence on player risk profiles and behaviours
    • Multiple integration options for accessing player data
    • Transparent and configurable models
    • Training and ongoing expert RG support


    Core Benefits

    • Independently validated and continuously benchmarked models
    • Explainable machine models provide transparency and detailed player-level explanations
    • Demonstrable regulatory value
    • Variety of customer interaction options
    • Available as part of IMS or as a stand-alone solution