• A Message from our CEO

    Playtech is committed to designing, developing and providing, the world best and most responsible gambling and financial trading technology. As a rapidly growing global FTSE 250 company we recognised that taking into account the needs of all our stakeholders is critical to creating long term value, and maintaining our positioning as a leader in regulated markets:

    "I am very excited about the future of our industry and the growth of Playtech. Our continued commercial success should not only be about growing our business, but also about the way we do business."

  • Our Values

    Our Values are a vital part of thew way we do business. They Guide all our decisions and are the foundation of everything we do as a company.

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  • Responsible Gambling

    Playtech is committed to ensure that we enable a safe and responsible form of entertainment and take action to reduce harmful play. We strive to conduct business and create products and services that prevent gambling from becoming a source of crime, ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way and protect young people and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or being exploited from gambling.

  • BetBuddy – industry-leading Responsible Gambling technology  

    Acquired by Playtech in 2017, BetBuddy is a ground-breaking Responsible Gambling analytics platform. Built around data mining and predictive analytics, BetBuddy combines the latest research into gambling behaviour patterns with the power of machine learning, delivering a sophisticated end-to-end solution to proactively identify and engage with at-risk players.

    Seamlessly integrated with Playtech’s IMS player management platform, BetBuddy gives operators a quick-to-implement, cost-effective ‘out of the box’ RG toolset, designed around the demands of an ever-more stringent regulatory environment.

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  • Safer Gambling Commitments

    The Safer Gambling Commitments are a comprehensive set of 21 actions from a broad group of gambling sector leaders. They will support the UK Gambling Commission’s national strategy to reduce gambling harms by empowering, protecting and supporting our customers, delivering long-term and fundamental change in how gambling companies are run in the UK.

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  • Minimising Integrity Risk

    Playtech takes a zero-tolerance approach to bribery, corruption and money laundering. In addition to abiding by relevant laws in all of the markets we do business, we also have policies, procedures, training, due diligence, risk assessment and monitoring procedures as well as dedicated resources in place to ensure that robust controls are in place address such risks. We are also working in partnership with organisations such as the Gambling Anti-Money Laundering Group (GAMLG) to combat money laundering in the gambling sector For additional information, please refer to the regulation and responsible business section of the annual report or contact our team at [email protected]

  • Managing Environmental Footprint

    We recognise that climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing society and future generations. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by being as efficient as we can.

    For more information on our environmental performance, please refer to the regulation and responsible business section of the Annual Report.

  • Safeguarding Data

    Our customers, clients and employees trust us with their personal data every day. We recognise that the trust of our licensees, customers and employees is dependent upon our ability to safeguard this data. That is why we ensure that privacy and data protection is a key consideration through the business by designing data processes that have privacy at their core.

    For more information about our approach, please refer to the regulation and responsible business section of our annual report.