Motion Capture Technology

3D Game Graphics

Our diverse and growing Virtual Sports offering combines the latest 3D game graphics and Hollywood motion capture technology with a highly sophisticated virtual simulator across a wealth of sports.

Working with Warner Bros. Studios we used the most advanced systems and technology available. In the summer of 2015 we attempted a feat no other gaming or film company had ever attempted, taking over one of Warner Bros. Studios’ largest film stages for three weeks and installing more than 100 cameras – worth more than £5m and with positional accuracy down to 0.5mm – to capture the most realistic, accurate and authentic images for our next generation match sports content.

This was the largest motion capture project ever attempted with our Virtual Sports team using professional sportsmen and women and techniques and technology used in films such as Avatar, Godzilla and Quantum of Solace, to capture hundreds of hours of motion capture movement and footage.

We succeeded in developing the industry’s most graphically advanced, leading Virtual Sports product. This innovation, however, is not restricted to graphical development alone. We also concentrated heavily on back-end simulation, ensuring that we replicated real-life football, tennis and basketball from a gameplay, user experience and an odds and betting perspective.

Future-Proof Technology

Entering the Virtual Sports industry later than some of our competitors has been to our advantage enabling us to take the best aspects of Virtual Sports and significantly improve every aspect of the experience.

Not only does our offering look and feel best in class, it is also based on solid principles from the services side. Taking football as an example, we have examined huge volumes of player and team data and created unique match simulations. This gives players a far more realistic experience with a representation of real life expectations.

Whereas our competitors use simple number generators, we use business intelligence analytics and simulation technology to determine a multitude of game permutations, leaving us head and shoulders above the competition.

The motion capturing work we have created has added such a level of detail that it has provided us with huge amount of content that will last for many years.

Playtech’s Virtual Sports product provides players with the best experience available today. Our use of the most advanced technology available not only gives players an incredibly realistic experience, but also positions us as clear industry leaders and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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