Virtual Sports

Our diverse and growing virtual sports offering combines the latest market-leading 3D game graphics and Hollywood motion capture technology with a highly sophisticated Virtual Sports Simulator across a wealth of sports, including horse racing, football, tennis and basketball.

Our leading virtual products are the most sophisticated in the industry enabling players to bet within a familiar sportsbook environment, with our graphics engine and servers allowing for integrated odds, data feeds and bespoke in-game branding, tailored races, matches, games and promotional events.

Unlike other products on the market Playtech has fully simulated every sport on offer. This allows for a richer player experience, enabling players to study form and history.

With more than 10 years’ experience in developing and providing virtual racing simulators, our Virtual Racing server creates familiarity for the player, ensuring experienced racing fans can follow the form of the runners, enhancing the overall gameplay.

We offer a full range of markets and take advantage of full sports simulation and work closely with well-known racing venues, professional sports players and commentators to design ultra-realistic, high quality environments, combining leading-edge graphics with CGI techniques, providing an experience comparable only to the real thing.

Record Breaking Motion Capture Technology

The introduction of 3D Graphics in the last decade has seen competition increase within the virtual sports industry. In response, Playtech has been able to look at the content provided by our competitors and push the boundaries to create a significantly more advanced offering.

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  • Omni-channel Development

    In-line with our strategic Omni-channel approach for all our products, our virtual sports are the most reliable and flexible on the market today. They deliver the ultimate user experience allowing players to enjoy the same look and feel across any content, all platforms, on any channel and on any device through one account and one wallet

    Our pioneering Omni-channel technology, and the experience it delivers, has become integral to our offering and clearly separates us from other suppliers in the industry. Playtech no longer considers building different versions of games for different devices. Our system is designed to deliver new content regardless of location, channel, or device.

    The challenge has been to expand our Omni-channel offering to other licensees and products. This has been achieved and delivered in record time in every product area with virtual sports lending itself ideally to a seamless experience across all channels due to its widespread retail, online and increasing mobile appeal.

    On a wider industry level, Virtual Sports products have been largely undifferentiated for many years, however, we firmly believe its broad appeal and low cost to entry for operators in regulated and soon-to-be-regulating markets has merited the significant investment we have made during the judging period.

    Playtech has taken the product to an unprecedented level of quality and differentiation due to our approach and the technology we have used to produce the games and the method of delivery.

Virtual Sports Simulation

The Virtual Sports Simulation product handles event simulations, scheduling, odds, Random Number Generator (RNG) generated results and visualisations that are used to display results to players.

This provides a truly realistic gaming experience. Form and history information that players find familiar is available and is tailored specifically for each sport. This allows players to feel confident that their decisions are informed, and makes it as close an experience to real sports betting, providing betting opportunities even when real-life sporting markets are quiet.

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  • Virtual Sports Betting

    VS Sports Betting provides a tailored user interface for the offering of bets on Virtual Sports events, user account integration, transaction handling and associated management.

    Virtual Sports is a selection of scheduled fixed odds games (events) that use a random number generator to decide the outcome. All players view the same schedules and the same outcomes.

    To place a bet, players click on their selection. A betslip updates to show the bets that may be placed. Players add the amount they wish to stake and when they are happy with their selection, they click to place their bet(s). The stake is then deducted from their balance and events are presented in the viewer.

    We offer a comprehensive range of betting markets with low hardware setup cost and seamless integration with the Playtech IMS player management platform through Playtech sportsbook.

    Our Virtual Sports offering is available across all channels including online, mobile and retail, offers bespoke solutions to suit customer needs and offers customisable leagues, branding, kits, team names and player names for match sports, customisable course, runner names and branding for race sports.

    Each product features localised language and commentary options with statistics available for team, player and runners across all sports.

In-Play (Coming Soon)

Playtech’s Virtual In-Play has all the benefits of live sports betting but with matches that take place 24 hours a day. Virtual in-play football includes enhanced visualisations, features and statistics to help players make that crucial bet.

Features Include:

  • Seamless in-play data feed integration onto existing betting system
  • Seamless event feed integration onto existing visualisation system if required
  • Virtual in-play 2D visualisation component readily available with most of the incidents/events for football. This component can be integrated onto live sports tab seamlessly.
  • All popular in-play markets available to offer flexible scheduling system. Configurable margins per market.
  • 24/7 virtual in-play events
  • Low/No risk for revenue due to RNG based results
  • Reduced operational costs for licensees. Virtual In-Play does not require trading, scouts or algorithms
  • Odds generated based on previous virtual events performance of teams and players
  • All stats available to display for historical matches, teams and players
  • Football event duration can be configurable anytime between 15 and 90 minutes

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  • Products

    Playtech Virtual Sports Products enables Gaming Operators to provide their players with betting opportunities on their favourite sport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; delivered seamlessly into the heart of their sphere of play.

    Our Virtual Sports offer all major industry sports using full simulations that provide a truly realistic gaming experience

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