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Blue Chip Operators

A decade of experience with blue chip operators has kept us ahead in customer service while satisfying players needs for versatility and reliability. PBS has developed a range of bet entry points which can be combined to offer your customers the complete Omni-channel experience. We have become a one-stop shop for all big sports betting operators and bookmakers.

PBS’ retail offering includes Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs), traditional over-the-counter (OTC) and space-saving devices like Compact Terminals or Tablets especially for smaller venues. Our Shop TV solution allows operators to display the latest odds for any sport and promote specific events.

Self-Service Betting Terminals: Offer your customers an exciting new world of betting

Self-Service Betting Terminals are the PBS flagship product, providing a comprehensive retail betting experience to customers anywhere in the world.

With more than 170,000 individual markets across 30 different sports every week, PBS can provide a unique automated retail betting experience to customers anywhere in the world.

PBS terminals have achieved regulatory approval in multiple jurisdictions and can integrate a wide range of funding mechanisms and identification protocols.

PBS supplies terminals to major clients across the globe, resulting in more than 28,000 SSBT products now currently live worldwide. Our success in some of the world’s most lucrative betting markets such as Spain and the UK is testament to the trust operators worldwide place in Playtech BGT Sports’ commitment to innovation and adaptability.

Making use of the latest innovations in interface technology, our software allows for an individual terminal design, which offers a bespoke betting solution tailored to the demands of your customers, maintains brand identity and creates a product which can stand out in a highly competitive market at the same time.

With a user-friendly back office system which can be operated using only a PC and a barcode reader, the terminals can easily be managed by all customers – from bars to casinos to betting shops all over the world. This system allows for a quick and simple end-of-day (EOD) cashing-up process, bet settlement as well as access to key up-to-date financial and trade data.

PBS offers SSBTs in a range of cabinets to suit all tastes and budgets from market leading suppliers such as Novomatic and Inspired. All SSBTs are dual-screen as standard which combines rapid bet placement with streams, comprehensive statistics and live-score information for a truly unique betting experience.

The dual touch screen terminals have achieved regulatory approval in multiple jurisdictions and can integrate a wide range of data feeds, funding mechanisms and identification protocols.

The flexible start page allows operators to both customise the layout of the terminal as well as adjust it to suit their specific corporate identities. This new and innovative feature is highly appreciated by our biggest customers because it increases conversions through using the start page in a more efficient way.

PBS has vastly enhanced the ability to promote specific sports, events and products and there are now more direct click options available than with previous start page designs.

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