Numbers Betting


In Numbers Betting, customers place bets on the results of international lotteries at fixed odds. In straight lotto bets, customers can bet on up to five balls, with the odds increasing based on how many balls they select and the permutations – e.g. three correct balls out of five.​

Playtech Sports has specifically created a Numbers Betting interface to offer this feature, and already offers many of the leading lotteries from around the world, including UK49s, New York Lotto, Spanish State Lotteries and Irish Lotto Bet. Operators can also decide which lotteries hey want to offer their customers and define the odds, with all details easily added to and configured on our system.

Key Facts

  • Singles and combination bets available
  • Expand your product offering on SSBTs and tap into previously unavailable markets
  • User-friendly, familiar interface to convert existing and attract new customers
  • Easily configure odds to provide an attractive betting proposition


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