Playtech Delivers Excellence

Playtech Sports delivers a fully integrated, best-in-class sports betting technology solution, together with a tailored, managed service proposition to suit any bespoke customer requirements.

Our Sports division brings together highly experienced and specialised betting technology and trading teams, with more than 600 employees based in offices in Vienna, Bremen, London, Malmo, Nicosia and Sofia.

A decade of experience with blue chip operators has kept us ahead in innovation and customer service, while satisfying punters’ needs for versatility and reliability. We have become a one-stop shop for every large sports betting operator and bookmaker.


Global Footprint

Our betting terminals and digital products are revolutionising omni-channel sportsbook betting businesses in established and growing markets globally.

Playtech Sports software is available in Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Russian and Slovak. 


  • Our Products

    Playtech Sports Platform

    • Seamless betting experience across all channels and devices, including over-the-counter (OTC), Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs), online and mobile
    • Differentiated Sports betting solutions for both anonymous and registered customers across retail and digital channels
    • Highly customisable front-end to maximise brand loyalty
    • Maximum ARPU from multi-channel customers
    • Industry-leading CMS campaign and bonus creation and targeting tool
    • Smart pricing: Set and manage prices across various channels using our trading systems
    • Integration Services: Customer loyalty cards, accounting systems and payment services, plus third-party solutions and protocols


Playtech ONE: A Seamless Omni-channel Experience

Our multi-channel wallet solution across all channels features a tailor-made customer card, making it simple for punters to access their balance via any channel. Our products and risk management services support both the retail and online operation.

  • Target specific player groups; accept and settle bets 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Maximise brand loyalty  with a highly customisable solution
  • Build a closer relationship with your customer
  • Increase average revenue per user


Playtech supplies terminals to major clients across the globe, with more than 60,000 bet entry points live worldwide.

Our success in some of the world’s most lucrative betting markets such as the UK, Spain and Greece is testament to the trust operators place in Playtech’s  commitment to innovation and adaptability.


Our first class in-play product delivers live scores, match data and match visualisations to drive high margin in-play betting activity. A user-focused, data-driven design ensures your Sportsbook is tailored to your audience.

  • Numbers Betting

    In addition to a comprehensive sportsbook, the Playtech portfolio also includes Numbers Betting on Self-Service Betting Terminals.

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Playtech Sports has developed one of the best racing packages available on the market.

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Till (Over the Counter - OTC)

Playtech Sports has developed a fast, easy-to-use retail solution for over the counter (OTC) betting, supplied to a range of large global operators. The Till allows retail staff to handle up to 10 customers at once, “park” clients, save bets and move onto the next customer,  finding the bet the customer is looking for with the smallest number of keystrokes possible.​

Key Facts

  • Easy-to-use
  • Active Shop TV Management
  • In-play and pre-match betting available
  • Dedicated customer-facing screen
  • Innovative and appealing interface design
  • Customisable shortcuts for fast navigation
  • Centrally controlled CMS application
  • Park bets and easily handle multiple customers simultaneously


Shop TV

Alongside the OTC solution, Playtech Sports also offers an odds display system, Shop TV, which can be managed centrally via a special CMS application. This allows operators to display the latest odds for any sport, schedule promotions weeks in advance,  create bonuses such as free bets or acca insurance and manage specific target groups. Integration with third-party systems is available.

Compact Terminal & Retail Tablet

Modernise your betting premises with state-of-the-art devices

In addition to the standard dual-screen terminal, Playtech has launched a space-saving and cost-effective betting solution for use in any retail environment. This product uses the same software as the Terminal and offers all the same functionality.

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  • Digital

    With consumers becoming ever-more tech savvy, maximising brand loyalty by offering remote betting solutions 24/7, 365 days a year is crucial, Our multilingual digital products and mobile solutions –  the fastest growing channel in sports betting today – are designed to make betting more entertaining and engaging for consumers and a seamless process for operators.

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Platform Features

Imagine a world with more sports, more entertainment and more profit.

Designed for scalability and performance, the platform serves operators of all sizes, providing extraordinary customisation and unique selling points.

Designed for scalability and performance, the Playtech platform serves operators of all sizes, providing extraordinary customisation, unique selling points, and the ability to  deliver an ever-wider range of events and markets. Our technology platform is the culmination of years of experience, having evolved through an environment of continuous innovation driven by our partners.

  • Seamless betting experience across all channels and devices, including over-the-counter (OTC), Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs), online and mobile
  • Differentiated sports betting solutions for both anonymous and registered customers across retail and digital channels respectively
  • Early cash out: customers can cash-out their bets at any time on all channels
  • Maximum ARPU from multi-channel customers
  • Industry-leading CMS tool to create banners, bonus offers and to manage target groups
  • Pricing flexibility with dynamic risk management
  • Smart pricing: set and manage prices across various channels within a single risk system
  • Integration Services: customer loyalty cards, accounting systems and payment services, plus third-party solutions and protocols


Playtech Sports has a dedicated in-house trading team who provide 24/7 bet monitoring, 365 days a year.

This service means that operators can rest assured in the knowledge that their money is safe from suspicious betting activities and fraud.

Playtech’s Risk Management service automatically divides markets and sports into different tiers dependent on their risk level, with each tier assigned a stake limit. When this limit is reached, traders will be alerted and the market automatically suspended until it has once again stabilised.

Operators can define their own limits and make exceptions for VIPs, plus popular markets such as the Premier League or Champions League. Our trading team can also override settlements and compile regular customer-specific risk reports for partners.

Key Facts

  • 24/7, 365 days a year dedicated coverage
  • Automated alerts in the event of suspicious activity or fraud
  • Odds automatically fluctuate and update based on market activity and betting trends
  • Ability to override settlements and compile customer-specific risk reports
  • Operators can use standard Playtech Sports limits or determine their own


We source content from market-leading feed providers with a variety of pricing structures. Operators can decide which markets they want to display and which set of prices to offer, tailoring the product effectively to the market demands of each territory.

Smart Pricing allows operators to modify existing odds to suit individual requirements via the innovative centralised Trading Cockpit to provide bespoke odds catering for specific markets and demographics; for example, better odds in highly competitive regions.

Key Facts

  • Maximise profit by adjusting odds to local requirements and from shop to shop
  • Stand out from competitors and attract price-conscious punters with best odds
  • React efficiently by adjusting odds for specific events at key moments
  • Leading feed providers such as Betradar, Betgenius, Sporting Index, SiS, Manny Bernstein, XBnet and Touchbet
  • Trading Cockpit tool –  easily manage prices across all channels even down to single terminals
  • Dynamic risk management, quick reaction to competition and fluctuations in the market and tailoring to an increasingly price-sensitive customer base


Playtech’s efficient settlement method allows operators to combine information from various feeds,  settling pre-match bets as soon as the result is available in the live feed. This advantage can encourage cash recycling and reinvestment of winnings. Instant settlement is available for all core markets of Playtech’s pre-match football offer.

Key Facts

  • Faster settlement of pre-match tickets
  • Better user experience for punters
  • More turnover due to reinvested money
  • More competitive product


  • Available across all Playtech Sports channels, bringing the online industry standard experience to the retail environment
  • Configurable cash out algorithms provide personalised product, attractive to both operators and end-customers
  • Proven to increase turnover rate and profit margin

Playtech works with a wide range of leading online payment service providers and has also integrated several casino protocol technologies, such as NXCS. We also work

with Novomatic and GeWeTe, the market leaders in cash vending, to offer retail cash recycling devices, freeing up staff to focus on first-rate customer service, increasing security and minimising the risk of cash handling errors.

The Integration Service provides a clear, efficient interface for the integration of any third-party solution into our back-end systems. Additionally, many bookmakers have successfully integrated their customer loyalty card schemes into our system, including Paddy Power’s Cash Card and the Coral Connect Card.

Apollo, our powerful CMS, allows operators to manage every aspect of their Sports business using one centralised  web-based application that can be run on any browser. Key features include promotions and bonus creation, plus target group management.

Apollo enables operators to steer banners in real time across all available channels. Playtech Sports products have multiple advertising areas that can be utilised for promotional activities, with full display  control via the CMS.

  • Clickable, deep-linked banners: directly link to certain leagues or even specific events
  • Acca banners: add predefined stakes and payout amounts to the betslip with a simple click
  • Display the latest highest winning tickets
  • Automatic localisation of promotions: banners updated whenever the user switches language
  • Random Game promotion based on operator selection
  • Save time editing banners with dynamic web content
  • UK Bet Type Concession: Usually run in conjunction with bets such as Lucky 15s
  • Free Bet Bonus: Can be granted by means of a voucher for a free bet, forming part of promotional campaigns
  • Acca Insurance: Can be granted to players as a consolation prize; e.g. for a close miss in accumulator bets

Acca Money Boost Bonus: Boosts potential winnings on accumulator, system and multi-way bets meeting defined criteria, increasing operator margins

Target Groups allow promotions and bonuses to be tailored to certain areas, sports, leagues and events, even down to specific shops, terminals and individual customer card owners.