Cabinets & Hardware

Gaming Cabinets

A video lottery terminal (VLT) is the heart and soul of the gaming operation. Powered by the industry leading Videobet Gaming Platform (VGP), the Playtech Retail gaming machines offer the full extent of Playtech’s vast content portfolio. Coupled with its comprehensive rules engine and promotional features, the VGP provides an ideal basis for generating the most exciting gaming experience for players.

Playtech’s VLT offering contains a full loyalty system, including the integration with the gaming industry’s first Omni-Channel single wallet solution.

Retail Tablet

The Tablet is an innovative component of Playtech Retail’s product family, allowing the operator to hand out state of the art tablets at shops to customers so they can play their favourite games anywhere in the venue premises without depending on gaming machine’s physical location. The Tablet provides the same great selection of games as the VLT’s and the full power of the VGP’s back-end offering.

In order to conveniently perform cash operations, such as loading additional funds or cashing out tickets, the Tablet Funding Station can be included as part of the offering. Connected to the VGP, the tickets cashed out by the Funding Station can then be reused on the VLT’s (and vice versa), creating a unique and convenient gaming environment where different products in the venue complement each other.

  • Cashier Station (EPOS)

    Our EDGE Cashier™ site controller allows thevenue staff to perform cash operations within the shop, as well as to monitor,control and manage the VLT’s connected to the cashier workstation. Itwill act as a proxy between the server and VLT’s to ensureuninterrupted service regardless of network connectivity and the best gamingexperience for players. The EDGE Cashier™ can run both on industrystandard 3rd party EPOS, or as a web application.

    Slot Machine on PC

    The PC based product is designed to run inlocations where the low cost of hardware is of essence. Slot Machine on PCoffers similar functionality as VLT, but integrated to run on a PersonalComputer to allow for a reduced cost per machine, but without sacrificingeither performance or security.

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