Casino Management

Playtech is the fastest-growing supplier of retail casino management systems.

The Neon casino management system covers every aspect of the land-based operation and will help you to drive revenues and optimise your product and staffing.

Neon enables you to create and link Playtech One player accounts and provides access to the single wallet at the slot machine, gaming table and cash desk.

Gaming Management

Neon Gaming provides comprehensive management of all types of gaming to deliver:

  • Actionable real-time information
  • Effective revenue protection
  • Flexible player tracking
  • Behaviour-changing rewards
  • Analytics and yield management

Neon Slots provides a compelling player experience and a wide range of innovative bonuses to deliver a competitive advantage and drive revenues by changing customer behaviour

Neon Tables delivers effective control and flexible player tracking for both mass-market and VIP players with maximum automation and slick applications for all users

Neon Poker provides control of your cash games and tournaments and enables you to build a complete profile of your players

Our visualisation platform provides real-time monitoring and notification across your entire gaming floor, providing your managers with notifications and a live view of the action across your whole floor

The Neon Mobile suite delivers customer-facing features such as loyalty registration and jackpot payments on the floor, enabling your team to take service to the customer.

Operational Control

Neon Cage sits at the heart of Neon controlling and auditing all gaming and non-gaming revenues and delivering data directly to your financial accounting systems.

Neon Analytics provides enterprise-level business intelligence which unlocks the knowledge in your data, providing your team with fingertip access to the information they need

The Neon Data Warehouse consolidates all of your important data and enables you to visualise data using a variety of tools. Analysts can use our Microsoft Excel plugin or PowerBI to access the cubes directly

Our Dashboards platform provides interactive role-based HTML dashboards and specialist analytical apps which provide each user with accurate, relevant information which unlock the knowledge in your data

Our floor viewer enables you to visualise the historic performance of your floor to identify trends and help you to plan and optimise your floor layout.

Player Management

Neon provides master data management for your customers, either standalone or as part of the Playtech One Omni-channel solution, and supports all forms of reception and access control

Neon Loyalty enables you to track and reward your players across your entire operation including all forms of gaming and hospitality and resort services. Our loyalty platform enables you to enhance the customer experience and target a wide range of bonuses and rewards to promote changes in customer behaviour

Neon underpins your anti-money laundering activities and will help you to Ensure data quality and completeness, Capture details of high-vale transactions and suspicious behaviour Clearly demonstrate compliance with regulations

Neon CRM provides a powerful and flexible campaign management tool which is seamlessly integrated with the casino management system, the loyalty and bonusing solution and the analytics platform. Neon CRM is designed specifically for the retail casino industry providing a personalised service to your VIPs and targeted behaviour-changing campaigns for the mass market and can connect to the Playtech One omni-channel campaign management platform

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