Poker Games and Variants

Six Plus Hold ‘em

The development of SixPlus Hold’em Poker is designed to bring more action to the tables. iPoker isthe first poker supplier to bring this great new game type to players managingto provide high liquidity levels from day one.

Six Plus Hold ‘Em is afast-fold, action-packed 36-card variant of the classic Casino Hold ‘Em gamethat is well-known in Macau, endorsed by some of the biggest pro names in pokerand is a hit with recreational players as they get better hands more often.

Using a reduced deck withthe lowest cards from two to five removed, the game instantly becomes moreexciting as players receive twice as many opportunities (one in 105 compared toone in 220 hands) to receive pocket aces. The chances of completing a ‘straightdraw’ also significantly increase from 31 to 48%, while the odds of hitting aset of three cards of the same number rise from 12 to 18%.

The game rules also differto Casino Hold ‘Em with the ace card allowed to complete a ‘low straight’ (ace,six, seven, eight, nine), ‘three of a kind’ beats a straight, while a ‘flush’beats a ‘full house’.

iPoker is the only software provider offering this unique short deck Hold’em variant.

We give our customers the option to get extra action as all the lowest cards from 2 to 5 are removed from the deck creating bigger pots with great starting hands encouraging constant action.


Cash games are the most popular way to play online poker for real money, with No Limit Texas Hold'em variant getting most of the action.

Being the biggest poker network in the world we offer huge players pool with soft competition to face in a wide range of stakes with tons of exciting features.


Twister is the poker industry fastest growing game in the last few years.

It’s a super exciting 3-handed hyper Turbo Sit and Go that offers players a random Jackpot of immense proportions.

The winner is rewarded with a random prize that can reach X 1,000 time his buy-in amount.

Wild Twister

This is a fast Twister variant where the outcome is decided in one or few hands.

If you have only few seconds to play poker, Wild twister is the game for you!


We offer our customers the flexibility to choose between a huge tournaments variant.

Whether you like to play a Freezout/Re-buy/Knockout with a deep/shallow/standard chip stack in a turbo, slow or regular speed, you’ll find some of the best tournaments online

Sit and Go

A ‘Sit and Go’ tournament takes place as soon as the designated number of people have joined to play.

It’s important that you’ll play in the biggest poker network in the world with tons of traffic and non-stop action!