iPoker Clients

We have committed significant investment into enhancing our desktop and mobile iPoker clients demonstrating our commitment to our network licensees for poker and to supply them with the best poker software and services.

Over the course of the last year we have successfully rolled out a new and updated mobile product and client to key licensees which is continually monitored and updated to ensure maximum benefits to our customers and their players.

We have invested heavily in the technical infrastructure of the iPoker network as well as in our Player Valuation system, resulting in consistent, monthly network promotions throughout the year.

iPoker uses a unique player valuation formula entitled Source Based Rake to distribute revenues fairly among licensees. This player valuation formula allows each network partner to follow a marketing strategy for poker that fits best with its overall strategy.

Combining the marketing power of our licensees and the network has allowed for bigger, better, more engaging and more profitable network promotions for our licensees. Promotions are also managed centrally from start to end, with little overhead for licensees.

Playtech poker software has various promotional tools built into the poker clients including Event Based System, pre- and after wager bonuses, tournament tickets, inbox messages, table messages, log-in/out pop up, banner space, and more.

Monthly network wide promotions as a service to our licensees includes:

  • Tournament Series (Live & Online)
  • Mission/Achievement system (Event Based System)
  • Freerolls
  • Leaderboards

We continually seek to improve our product, offering iPoker client updates, new game types and new CRM tools to cater for our recreational strategy. We have a rich and comprehensive range of games to choose from including:

  • Cash Game tables for Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha High/Low, 6-Plus Hold’em ranging from 0.01€/0.02€ to 5€/10€
  • Twister Jackpot SNGs ranging from 0.50€ to 100€ buy-in levels
  • A rich multi-table tournament schedule with attractive guaranteed prize pools covering buy-ins from 0.50€ to 300€
  • Sit & Go’s for most popular game types in many different variations across all stake levels

Our event based system is an extremely powerful gamification and promotion tool that is not available on competitor networks. This enables the gamification of poker by engaging players with missions, tasks, and achievements that can be achieved while playing poker. Specific player segments can be targeted with customised missions based on their preferred game and interests. This results in much better player engagement with the product.

Since this launch player values have risen due to a significant increase in activity and lower churn rates.

Our new loyalty scheme enables players to undertake an exciting journey through Poker VIP levels, based on completion of steps and rewarding players with shop coins. The progress through the loyalty scheme is displayed directly at the poker tables. Each loyalty level is related to a dedicated set of personalised missions that provide a more engaging player experience across our poker network and products.

A fully managed poker service is also available upon request.

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