Our offering

Our offering includes an extensive range of innovative games on a cutting-edge platform, Playtech IMS. Designed with the player needs in mind, our IMS provides players with a truly unique gaming experience, anytime, anywhere. With our IMS, players can play across all games and platforms using a single login. A player can enter a betting shop and play on a land-based machine, when he is ready to move on he can continue the game on his smartphone, tablet device or the comfort of his own home.

As a system built by gaming professionals for gaming operators, our IMS also provides you with all the management tools you need to interact and manage your players throughout the player’s lifecycle. Additionally, Playtech delivers ancillary services, which encompass the training and development needs of a gaming operator, including: online marketing, customer support, full CRM capabilities, fully-managed poker and bingo networks, sports betting trading room services, hosting and disaster recovery services, and payment processing and advisory services.

Award winning games, CRM, marketing and cross-platform capabilities form the key pillars for any gaming operator. However, it is their seamless integration through Playtech’s IMS which enables a truly successful operation.

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