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Mexos is a powerful e-Marketing Platform providing a flexible, scalable and reliable solution for online marketers. MEXOS allows online marketers to drive incremental advertising revenues while optimizing branding and performance efficiency. The platform can be applied both as a standalone or hosted solution, and can be easily customised to suit the specific needs of each individual operator.

MEXOS effectively manages each facet of the online marketers’ work from campaign management, CRM, finance and up to performance tracking. It was developed through years of first hand experience and know-how culminating in the form of a product unlike any available in today’s market. In fact,  no other solution comes close to offering the same comprehensive array of solutions: 

  • All-in-one solution for all your marketing needs

    Affiliate marketing, campaign management, creative, CRM, performance optimisation and finance.
  • Any kind of campaign with NO limitations

    Create your own marketing campaigns, reward plans and commission structures with no limitations.
  • Unlimited scalability

    MEXOS grows with your business and adapts to your needs allowing you the freedom to choose when and how to grow.
  • Fully customized solution

    Customise your delivery and affiliates’ front end portal from a selection of themes to suit your needs and preference.
  • Unparalleled ADV stats

    Robust tracking and customised reporting ensure that every single hit or sale is accounted for in real-time.
  • Zero maintenance

    MEXOS is also available as a hosted solution, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your marketing efforts.
  • Optimisation tools

    Optimise your marketing campaigns automatically using personalised ad-serving and dynamic content display.
  • Increased customer retention

    Built-in CRM with integrated messaging designed to increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Seamless integration

    Integrates easily with leading 3rd party platforms such as Playtech, VirtuaFusion, Orbis, Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords & Google Analytics.
  • Better ROI

    MEXOS is a proven solution that works for you. It optimises every aspect of marketing, saving you money and increasing business efficiency.


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