Mexos Features

The MEXOS platform enables complete management control over every aspect of the customer’s marketing efforts, from affiliate management, CRM, creative management to finance and reporting.


Affiliate Management

Promote multiple brands and products through one common interface, giving affiliates multiple advertisement options and powerful reporting tools at their disposal.

  • Fully branded affiliate program
  • Multiple products & merchants support
  • Affiliate signup & login
  • Account hierarchy & Account tagging
  • Internal messaging system with affiliates
  • Fixed & Custom reporting
  • Tracking code generator
  • Pixel tracking
  • Advanced marketing tools selection with quick search options
  • Sub Affiliation support
  • Independent cashier supporting multiple currencies & methods
  • Automated payment processing services
  • Customizable, multilingual front-end portal with built-in CMS
  • Integration with Social Media (i.e. Login using Facebook credentials)


Campaign Managment

Comprehensive Campaign management capabilities allowing you to easily configure ANY kind of campaign with NO limitations including complex deals and specific media oriented deals while controlling thousands of keywords, pixels, sources, customers, and other entities.

  • Multiple deal types (CPA, rev share, mixed, CPM, PPC, and more)
  • Multiple campaigns, channels, zones
  • Unlimited parameters (impression, click, download, etc.)
  • Complex conditions
  • Gradual deals (steps)
  • Conditional deals (time, geography and more)
  • Smart deals - Prevents payment for bad / fraudulent traffic
  • Baseline and filters support
  • Campaign measurement tools
  • Deal approval workflow for creating and updating deals
  • Fully integrated with Google AdWords and Google Analytics


Creative Management

Robust mechanism for managing all marketing creatives by supporting all types of media files (Banners, Text, Flash, Video, etc).

  • Supports HTML, Flash, XML, Live feeds, and more
  • All media formats include tracking code
  • Integrated banner serving software
  • Track impression, clicks, etc
  • Dynamic content
  • Supports ad rotation and dynamic banners
  • Templated banners and banner inheritance
  • Geo / Browser / Content targeting


Performance Management & Optimisation

Innovative and powerful tracking and optimization tools unique to MEXOS designed to increase customer value and conversion rates.

  • Automated Campaign performance optimization engine
  • Automated banner and landing page optimization (Smart Banners)
  • Cookie-based ad-serving and behavior-tracking
  • Personalise ads and landing pages
  • Setting KPI’s


Customer Relationship Management

MEXOS comes equipped with built-in CRM tools that are designed to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Integrated messaging system
  • Automatic actions and messaging
  • Automatic scheduling
  • External emails
  • Templated messages
  • Segmentation, buying patterns, etc.
  • Multilingual support


Back Office Managment & Finance

At the core of MEXOS there is fully-featured back office that enables admininistrative control over every aspect of system in addition to providing account management and processing capabilities.

  • Automated payment processing services
  • Accounting management
  • Role based permission management
  • Manage affiliate program (add/remove producs, etc)
  • Manage creative materials and marketing tools
  • Extensive reporting system
  • Automatic, fully governed deal/campaign management flow
  • Feeds configuration for advertisers data & statistics
  • Fully Integrated with leading 3rd party platforms – Orbis, Playtech, Virtue Fusion


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