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Our back-end platform leads the market, offering licensees complete control and visibility of their operations from one central location. Features include visibility and control over table ranges, game table attributes and settings, VIP limits, client features, and access to our customisation tools, reporting mechanism and notification system that gives operators instant access and alerts to operational, fraud and product notifications to name a few.

Our customisation tool allows licensees to alter a variety of elements of their live offerings in real-time including banners, fonts and colours with simple-to-use controls and a drag and drop interface.

The new platform is a standalone, agile and flexible system allowing us to respond directly to licensee requests and inject an even higher quality standard into our development of new and existing products.

Superior HTML5 Mobile Technology

Playtech has the industry’s leading HTML5 live mobile casino products across its network of licensees including classic games such as Roulette and Blackjack, further bolstering its reputation as the world’s leading live gaming offering.

In partnership with our licensees, and following extensive user experience testing and benchmarking analysis, we have developed and launched the most sophisticated live mobile Roulette and Blackjack products resulting in superior player engagement levels, longer session times across all devices, and significantly increased revenues for licensees.

Players are able to seamlessly play live Roulette on mobile and tablet in either portrait or landscape mode while simultaneously able to view their bets at the same time as the roulette wheel is spinning. Several rounds of intensive user testing and feedback enabled our Live Casino team to significantly enhance and re-design our user interface and overall gaming experience. As a result, the mobile user interface contains simple and easy-to-use navigation, clearer and perfectly positioned play and feature buttons and an ideal personalised view of the live action and table layout no matter what viewing format you choose.

User interface

Our new touch-friendly mobile and desktop user interface and lobby experience is available across all channels and devices offering players a dynamic, clear and informative single view and replicating the most authentic land-based casino atmosphere. Its easy-to-use features and advanced functionality cater to both beginners and experienced players alike and are not only available to the devices of today but futureproofed for those of tomorrow.

We have deliberately placed the lobby at the heart of the customer experience with mobile and desktop views offering the ideal entry point to Live Casino no matter what device a player uses. The mobile view is designed specifically for mobile devices, supports all screen sizes and works uniquely in both landscape and portrait. The desktop version, meanwhile offers simple navigation and multiple view modes depending on personal preference.

The common user interface that we use has enabled us to re-design every individual game element with the player in mind. In roulette we have included a dynamic betting map and sidebar allowing players to see the dealer and the wheel in action, but also to immediately identify where to place their bets. The ability to play in both portrait and landscape modes on mobile also means that players receive different views depending on their preference.

This is also the case in Baccarat where we have created a universal user experience for all Baccarat types, a visible scorecard with the option to hide it, multi-table gameplay and optimised for possible low bandwidth video stream.

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