The Industry’s Best Trained Staff

500 Dealers

In Riga alone we have more than 500 dealers who speak a range of languages that meet our licensees’ requirements. Dealers are divided into various levels depending on their performance and set targets with monthly performance strictly monitored and assessed to ensure the highest quality customer service.

Our dealers work across shift patterns that are supervised 24 hours a day, seven days a week by department heads including shift managers, pit bosses and team managers. Each shift begins with a briefing on any updates, changes to procedures and latest news and the dealer’s appearance is then checked to adhere to the highest standards. The dealers are then scheduled to various live tables with a maximum time of 1.5 hours, 30 minutes on a table and a 30-minute break. After each shift ends the team have a quick meeting to discuss feedback and relay any information before the beginning of another shift.

The Shift Manager manages all the processes on the gaming floor and is available 24/7 via Skype, email and the phone in order to immediately assess and solve any issues.

As in a land-based casino the Pit Boss records every minute event and occurrence on the gaming floor and is responsible for issuing a daily report that identifies any cancelled games, mistakes, system errors, technical issues and every other process. The report is later sent to management for analysis.

The Team Manager monitors dealer performance and evaluates their progress 24/7.

Dealer comfort is paramount to the smooth running of our operations therefore our staff have access to fun rooms complete with gaming consoles, televisions, music and more, silent rooms with massage tables for relaxation, gym and professional exercise classes, sauna, dressing rooms with showers, large kitchens and multiple rest areas.

Training & Security

We offer the most comprehensive training academy to our staff across the world with classrooms equipped with the latest training tables and teaching equipment, feedback rooms and meeting rooms for one-on-one sessions.

All our global studios are equipped with the latest security systems, 24/7 guards, shift administrators who register every guest and employee that enters each building as well as the latest access control systems with electronic turnstiles. All sensitive areas are closed by electronic locks and CCTV that covers every area of every operation we manage, while all electronic personal devices including cameras, mobile phones and computers are not allowed within the operational area. The new Riga studio alone has more than 350 CCTV cameras

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