Omni-channel Philosophy


With more than 40% market share – the largest in the industry – our online bingo presence is significant. Powered by our IMS player management system – that gives our licensees access to all the elements of our configurable Omni-channel capabilities and full visibility and control of the entire player lifecycle – we have the UK and Europe’s largest bingo network; dedicated development teams; multiple global content units able to deliver any type of game; more than 300 side games and a total of more than 600 slot games; and end-to-end marketing operations teams able to manage any and every aspect of a bingo operation.


Our retail Omni-channel presence in Bingo is extensive and continually expanding with new operators opting to connect their entire multi-channel offering via Playtech ONE.

A large majority of UK and Ireland bingo halls, for example, use the ECM System platform and systems which is instrumental to the daily operation of retail bingo. Its systems provide key facilities for main stage bingo, cash bingo, wide area linked gaming operations and front-of-house reporting. A complete customer support facility also provides technical and repair services for all current and legacy products including thousands of terminals and handheld Electronic Bingo Terminals (EBTs).

Within our retail operation we also provide not only retail content software that allows games to connect to multiple channels in bingo halls, we are also delivering and distributing an increasing amount of games content across terminals and EBTs. Handheld devices are becoming increasingly popular with retail bingo players giving them an enhanced experience and enabling them to play games and slots in their own time either before, after, or in between more traditional bingo games. Playtech provides a wide variety of slot and games content across these channels allowing us to broaden our Omni-channel reach.


The bingo experience is increasingly becoming a mobile experience with more players playing on their phones or tablets than desktop devices. Playtech saw this trend early and for many years have had a large resource of mobile specialists and mobile developers to work on both back and front end development.

All our Omni-channel games are enabled and optimised for mobile and tablet, no matter what device is being used, while many have innovative features that are unlocked or are enhanced when using a mobile device.

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