Senior Javascript Developer



Job Description

We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled Javascript developer with proven experience in creating flexible and engaging client side Javascript interfaces and frameworks.


This job requires the talents and skills of a passionate, innovative developer that is looking for new and exciting projects that make use of the latest web technologies and are targeted at the omni-channel market. The ideal candidate should be self-motivated, take pride in their work and be looking for an exciting and dynamic environment.


Role Responsibilities:


The main responsibilities of the Senior Javascript Developer are to:


·         Research, design and develop innovative, engaging solutions for future products.

·         Work closely with other developers and development teams to deliver high quality technology to the business.

·         Apply an iterative agile methodology to development to ensure regular milestone deliverables and feedback to both technical and business stakeholders.

·         Ensure that best practices are applied to both design and implementation.

·         Identify the understand the differences between the many mobile platforms in the current (and future) market.


Candidate Experience and Skillset:


·         Minimum of 4 years of relevant experience

·         The candidate must have proven experience in the design, implementation and delivery of flexible and engaging javascript web applications.

·         Experience using AJAX, JSON

·         Experience with persistent Javascript communication strategies

·         Experience with HTML5 Local Storage

·         Experience with one or more industry leading javascript frameworks, for example ReactJS,, vue etc.

·         Experience with HTML5 Canvas technology

·         Experience with WebGL and have knowledge of how to develop GLSL shaders

·         At least have basic knowledge of 3D maths and 3D graphics techniques

·         Good understanding of 2d and 3d file formats

·         Be well versed with modern Web APIs and understand how they can be applied to solve various challenges.

·         No prior experience in the gaming industry is required, but could be beneficial

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