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Ash Gaming

Ash Gaming is the premier content studio of Playtech UK. We pride ourselves on creating inventive, high-quality gambling and betting games for a principle operators and bookmakers across the world. Ash Gaming employs a diverse group of people with a wide range of skills and interests, from mathematicians who create the underlying game features to artists that capture the mood and theme of any given game.

Ash Gaming works regularly with branded titles, allowing us to expand the creativity of our designs through the lenses of already developed story arcs and graphics styles. We also create games with unique artwork and features—innovation is key to everything we do.

We are situated within central London in a cosy, open-plan office with a relaxed, community vibe. Apart from the small stuff like breakfast, fruit and unlimited coffee, there’s a social space where you’ll find people playing pool, VR racing and (on a Friday) enjoying drinks and chip-n-dips together. A good work life balance is encouraged and we host regular fun get-togethers: poker and games nights, events such as smoothie making competitions, pumpkin carving at Halloween, monthly socials around London, and an annual company outing (often to the races at Ascot).

The London Bridge area, where the office is located, is a mixture of the new and the traditional. It is home to the Shard, the Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern, City Hall and Borough Market, and there’s always something to do and somewhere to go and eat!

Darren Brown, 3D Artist

Tell us about yourself – what do you do at Playtech?

I’ve been working at Ash gaming for 9 years—I started as a Junior Digital Designer, and I have progressed to the role of 3D Artist. My role here has gone through quite a few changes; when I started Ash gaming was a very small company with around 20 employees!

Ash Gaming was my first full time job after university. However, I had been involved in many contract and freelance projects from architectural visualisation, photo retouching and product design. During my time at Ash Gaming, because I started at such an early time, it was required of me to work on many different aspects of the company and design in general: I have been responsible for everything from localisation, creation of marketing assets and creating elements of games to leading entire design projects.

Why did you come and work at Playtech?

What attracted me to the company was the nature of the products: they were different to anything I had done before and I found that prospect an exciting challenge. The people seemed very friendly, and the perks of the job—such as the bonus scheme—and the location were great.

Why do you like working for Playtech?

My single favourite thing about the company is the people: I’ve met loads in my time, some of whom I have grown to consider close friends. Most people here are really friendly and you’re usually greeted with a smile. I’ve made many great memories with them in and out of work hours.

Matthew Gurunlian, Senior QA Analyst

Tell us about yourself – what do you do at Playtech?

I am a senior QA engineer at Ash gaming. I have been with Playtech for 5 years and through that time I’ve tested on multiple different platforms, from Flash desktop to HTML 5 on mobile devices. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to grow as a tester and go from doing basic front end testing to testing the code base directly and creating testing suites to be used by multiple people within the Ash Gaming office.

Why did you come and work at Playtech?

I came to work at Playtech as I saw it as an opportunity to grow my skills and see a different side of the testing sector. I originally came from a computer games testing background and had not tested in the gambling sector before. Coming to Playtech gave me a better understanding of testing and the opportunity to improve my testing abilities.

The location of the office was also important as I wanted to work more centrally, giving me access to cultural landmarks within walking distance from the office such as the Tate Modern and Globe Theatre.

Why do you like working for Playtech?

My favourite part of working at Playtech is the community atmosphere within the office. You can go up and talk to someone and have discussions about the current project you are working on and gain a better understanding of the task at hand. These informal chats really help create a healthy working atmosphere and people’s voices are heard and appreciated.

We also have group activities such as poker nights, board games evenings, team lunches, pool tournaments, and foosball and fighting game competitions. All this helps create a place you look forward to going to on a Monday morning!

Geoff Scaplehorn, Game Producer

Tell us about yourself – what do you do at Playtech?

I’m a game producer for Ash Gaming. I work on the production of slot games across the online and mobile spaces.

This means I’m involved with a wide range of disciplines on every game that crosses my desk: I choose features, I’m involved in the maths balance, I make decisions on the art and theme, and I have sign off on the final product.

Why did you come and work at Playtech?

It sounded like fun! I started out as a copywriter: I wrote in-game text, documentation for the artists and developers, help files, and so on. That meant I had to cultivate an in-depth understanding of how a game is put together.

Eventually I built up a small team of copywriters here at Ash, and then I was able to launch myself into a full role as a game producer in the Product team. Of course, that meant another steep learning curve: I went from just doing text to working on every little aspect of a game.

Why do you like working for Playtech?

Ash Gaming feels like a small studio with the resources of a big company. There’s plenty of opportunity to make your mark, and everyone is willing to listen to your perspective—and to give guidance where necessary. That means that you always feel like you’re learning and progressing, and not just turning up for a paycheque.

The office itself is fantastic: we’re not all packed in like tuna, but everyone’s friendly and you get to know the people you work with. And we’re in a great location: close to central London, with lots of options for lunch and places to go after work.

Dana Brinza, Scrum Master & QA Engineer

Tell us about yourself – what do you do at Playtech?

I’m a Product Scrum Master and QA Engineer. I oversee the timelines on our games and make sure that we’re not going to have any problems meeting deadlines or working with our external departments.

I’ve been working at Ash Gaming for almost 3 years. I started as a QA without much experience, but I was willing to learn; I’ve worked hard and with help from my colleagues I learned a lot and advanced as a QA Engineer. From there, I became a scrum master, which means I now work more on the development of a game than before.

Why did you come and work at Playtech?

When I started working at Playtech I didn't know too much about the company—just that is one of the biggest gaming companies out there. Now I know that Playtech is so much more: it feels more like a collection of gaming studios and development units working across multiple fields. Playtech has never stopped growing, and all of its subdivisions are working hard to make innovative products.

My job is challenging, but I like being able to learn more about the games we make and the industry in which we operate.

Why do you like working for Playtech?

Working at Playtech helped me to learn new things and grow professionally. People are friendly and ready to help whenever you need.

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