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    At Playtech we are passionate about people, technology and innovation. We constantly invest in and reward talent. As a result, we have created the world’s leading gaming and financial trading business employing 5,000 people across 13 global locations.

    Playtech people work hard, invest their time and expertise in us and in our technology, in innovation and in our philosophy. In return, we invest our passion in them, and offer a fun, creative, rewarding and inspiring environment giving them the freedom to express themselves.

    Our source of success is our people and is shared with our people.


Our main Gibraltar-based office is located in World Trade Center Level 6, just a ten minute walk from the centre of town and with great views of the runway at Gibraltar airport and the Rock of Gibraltar itself. This is the location for our teams including Market Place, Commercial team, Business service departments and our iPoker hub. This has been the home for Playtech in Gibraltar for over 5 years.

  • Gibraltar

    Playtech’s footprint in Gibraltar has grown and further companies in both B2B and B2C spheres have joined us here.


In 2017 we have moved to the new office space at the World Trade Center. Where this accomodates various teams. In this office we have a vast mix in cultures from Israeli, Gibraltarians, British, Spanish, German, Romanians, Bulgarians, Hungarians, South African and Maltese.

  • Key Functions

    We have a number of key functions located in Gibraltar across a range of products with significant focus on Business Services, Operations and Marketing staff. We also have an innovative Development team working at the cutting edge of online gaming tech and a wide range of other departments. As we diversify and our headcount grows we are adding more and more varied skillsets and capabilities to our existing team.

  • World Trade Center

    Level 6, Suite 6.01

    Bayside Road, Gibraltar

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