• The Fish System

    The tradition of assigning so-called "fish"-statuses for employees started already many years ago. The fish system is a progressive motivation system which allows the employees to get different benefits and discounts, depending on their time worked in Playtech Estonia.

    The fish system is based on the principle that a foundation for good work performance is allowing you regularly time for relaxing, both physically and mentally. On each level of the system, there is a fixed maximum sum the employee can use in half a year, investing it to entertainment, health or sports. Of course, the longer the employee has worked at Playtech, the larger is the sum.

    The levels are: Baby Fish (up to two years at Playtech), Stripy (2-4 years), Old Fish (4-6 years), Royal Fish (6-8 years), Sensei (8-10 years), Guru (10+ years).

  • Our values

    • Integrity. We always strive to be responsible, honest and open in our dealings with each other and with all our stakeholders – licensees, regulators, business partners and suppliers.
    • Innovation. We always endeavor to always be at the forefront of our industry; to lead, develop and deliver new products and services that meet all risk and regulatory compliance measures.
    • Excellence. We aim for excellence in everything we do; in the delivery of our products and services, in our interaction with the outside world and in working with each other.
    • Performance. We always deliver outstanding performance in the context of the legitimate and realistic expectations of our customers and shareholders.
  • Company culture

    It has become a tradition in Playtech Estonia to organize different company events for employees and their family members, friends, e.g. summer days, spring barbecue, Christmas party, Our Pals get-togethers, etc.

    As people at Playtech are different, so vary the activities and events provided at the company. We hold different sports events, health days, team events, holiday celebations at the office, etc.

    As a company we support employees' initiatives, so we we have our very own Playthlon sports series, football, basketball and volleyball groups, regular LAN parties, pool tournaments, etc.

    We value our people as people are our source of success.

  • Office

    Playtech offices are comfortable, with modern working tools and work conditions.

    All Playtech people are eligible for chill-out and relaxing in the special recreation areas. There, different games and other free time activities are provided. In addition, everyone can enjoy free snacks, coffee-tea in the kitchen area, also free massage is available in the office.

    Playtech Tartu office is situated in the city center with lots of lunch places and shops nearby.

    Playtech Tallinn office is situated in modern vibe and growing Ülemiste City campus with many other successful companies. We moved to this office at 2016 and have received many mentions in architectural and design field.

  • Development

    Different inner and external trainings are regularly organized.

    In addition, management programs are held for different level managers.

    As Playtech has many different positions, moving occupationally inside the company is also very common.

Is this the right place for you?

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