• Ready to start your career at Playtech? Wondering where to begin? Let us help you along the way. Here are a few tips when applying for a job at Playtech Estonia:
  • Get to know us, have a look at our website.
  • Browse through open positions (and internship opportunities), check out the requirements, identify the role that fits best with your experience, skills and aspirations for the future.
  • Analyze your background against the job requirements, consider your strengths and identify opportunities for improvement. Think about your way of working and determine what you have to bring to this job.
  • Prepare your resume and write a cover letter that concisely connects your skills and strengths with work-life experience with ample examples – that will surely give you a head start. Make sure you have prepared your application and attached all the required documents in English.
  • Apply for the position. We have made it quick and easy. You will receive a confirmation from us when you are done.


To help you get better acquainted with our hiring process, here’s a list of frequently asked questions.

Please submit your application in .rtf (rich text format), .doc (MS Word) or .PDF (Portable Document Format) format. You are also more than welcome to impress us with your CV design or impress us with a video resume!

Please submit your application in English.

In case of a problem, please send your application documents to our e-mail address at

If you’re not sure about which position you should be applying for or you need help in finding the job best matching your skills and experience, get in touch with our recruitment team at We are happy to assist!

We do our best to get back to you latest in a few weeks’ time. The volume of applications might be large, so if for some reason you haven’t heard back from us in a while, then please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an inquiry e-mail at

We strongly believe in team spirit which thrives while working together. Therefore, we do not currently offer the opportunity to work remotely full time. However, we also appreciate flexibility, should you need to be away from the office for some days, it’s all up to you and your manager to agree!

Of course, we are delighted to hear from you!

Sure! We have dedicated people in both Tallinn and Tartu offices who can help you with visa, assist in finding an apartment, schools for children etc!

Due to the complexity of our systems and the nature of our work here, we are looking to hire people who’d like to stay with us for a longer period of time.

We offer one of the best benefits package in Estonia!

Applications -> Interviews ->Test Assignment -> Decision

Yes and no. It depends on the level of the position. It will most certainly be mentioned in the job offer if a degree is needed.

Yes, you can!

Yes. Every year we welcome new interns to both Tartu and Tallinn offices and we truly pride ourselves on the variety of the positions offered! Check here for more information.

We appreciate your suggestions and ideas as we are constantly evolving and trying to improve our process and services. Please send your thoughts to