From the Playtech Consultancy Team 

Industry experts are clear on the potential of real-time engagement technology, with Gartner predicting that “Event-triggered and real-time marketing will have the biggest impact on marketing activities in the next five years” and “Ignoring the real-time nature of customer behaviour and expectations leads to lost opportunities.” While a prediction of the future for some, Playtech has led the way in delivering real-time engagement capabilities to its operators for several years already.



Technological innovation and an experience-first approach have always been at the forefront of Playtech’s strategy – in terms of back-end platform development and games creation alike. The recent launch of the Kingdoms Rise series leveraged this unique combination to become one of the most successful yet for Playtech, utilising our very latest platform engagement features to make the most of the game’s ground-breaking mechanic.


With the unique tokens feature, Kingdoms Rise players earn tokens as they play, at no extra cost. These can then be redeemed, at the player’s leisure, in the Kingdoms Rise Features Shop in exchange for special features within the same game or other games in the series. Using the in-game map, players can explore other games in the Kingdoms Rise universe and directly navigate between them without having to return to the lobby – keeping them engaged with the brand as they try other games in the series.


The combination of the innovative token feature and the ability to use those tokens at any time across the series quickly grabbed the attention of players. Over a third of those who played one Kingdoms Rise game within the first month went on to try out all three titles in the series available at that time.


However, it is the technology behind the scenes that has empowered operators to maximise the engagement and retention value of these features. Leveraging Playtech’s newest engagement tool, Player Journey, operators had the opportunity to interact with players in real time at key points during their Kingdoms Rise experience, with the goal of turning initial interest into long-term brand loyalty.


A central component of Playtech’s Engagement Centre, Player Journey gives operators everything they need to create multi-stage journeys to engage with the player at crucial points, guiding players towards specific goals in real time. Built around an intuitive WYSIWYG canvas, Player Journey can create journeys that support both real-time, online events and offline interactions.  


To support the launch of Kingdoms Rise, operators were supplied with five pre-configured player journeys, designed around key potential scenarios for new players. By utilising these journeys, operators had the power to both build on the benefits of the game, such as highlighting when players have earned enough tokens for a feature, and tackle any potential challenges, such as preventing disengagement after a disappointing feature return.


Each journey leveraged real-time information about the player’s experience in the game to determine the ideal intervention point. At this point, Player Journey would automatically trigger in-game messaging to directly communicate with the player, delivering messages tailored to the scenario or releasing rewards where appropriate. The journeys generated strong results for operators, with players responding positively to the targeted offers and in-game messaging. We will be sharing more on the individual journeys and the results in due course – watch this space!


With Player Journey, Playtech is continuing to ensure operators stay ahead of the curve on engagement – and with the success of Kingdoms Rise, operators can expect to see more successful examples of combining product and platform engagement features. In terms of the maximising opportunities for real-time player engagement, in many ways, the journey is just beginning.