Commitment to Quality and Innovation

We are committed to offering our partners best-in-class gaming products and services across all platforms. Our vision is to remove the barrier of technology for our partners, while keeping them at the forefront of innovation. With our complete tool suite, we enable our partners to leverage our industry-leading technology to both grow their business and differentiate themselves in a rapidly changing environment.

Our partnerships with gaming operators are how we gain insights on how to deliver the best technology in the industry. Creating, developing and maturing these partnerships is the key focus for Playtech’s team.

Technology Portfolio

Content, CRM, marketing and cross-platform capabilities form the key pillars for a gaming operator, but it is their seamless integration which can deliver a truly successful operation. As the industry' technology leader, we understand both the complexity and flexibility that this integration demands, and have unparalleled scale and breadth of capability.

Central to our technology solution is a comprehensive games portfolio which is available across all channels and platforms. This is supported by CRM and marketing tools. We are the leading provider with the technology to provide a fully integrated cross-platform and end-to-end solution, with wide reach across online, land-based, TV, mobile, lottery and sports betting channels.

Open Platform

Playtech offers a complete solution with the flexibility to grow the system over time as our partners move into new markets and channels. Integration with other third-party gaming and management systems is supported through a full set of API which are linked directly to the backbone of Playtech technology platform, the IMS.

The key components of our open platform include an open games development kit, multiple game integration frameworks, seamless third-party wallet integration, single player account across all products, data integration and warehousing and support for all gaming standards (G2S, S2S, SAS).

B2B Services

Playtech has been providing B2B services from its inception, with 3-tier technical and customer support, data mining capability, infrastructure capacity and scalability. All of our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our partners, and we provide the training and mentoring that enables them to leverage from our broad experience. Each partner is supported by a dedicated account manager and full SLA monitoring.

B2C Solutions

Playtech can provide services, training and development opportunities for a range of functions, including: internet marketing, customer support, fully-managed poker and bingo networks, sports betting trading room services, hosting and disaster recovery services, and payment processing and advisory services.

B2G Regulatory Framework

As more and more jurisdictions look to increase regulation, gaming systems must be engineered with clear compliance and regulatory frameworks. The Playtech framework includes support for age verification, revenue control and responsible gaming tools. Solutions can be completely localised as required, including full support for local government protocols and frameworks. Playtech's technology allows maximum flexibility, enabling the seamless integration to existing government systems, leveraging off existing investments and frameworks.

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