Playtech & COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to impact the global economy, Playtech is doing everything it can to mitigate the effects of the outbreak on our colleagues and partners.  

Our three areas of focus are as follows:

  • Protect our people: Our people are our biggest asset.  Our number one priority during this crisis has been the health and wellbeing of Playtech’s employees. From moving to remote working to our global employee wellbeing program, #StrongerTogether, we are looking to do everything we can to protect our people
  • Protect our business: Given the uncertainty in the global economy, we believe companies have a duty to employ responsible and strict approaches to fiscal management in order to do all they can to protect employees’ livelihoods and ensure the long-term success of the Company
  • Helping others: We are constantly looking at how Playtech can contribute to helping fight the impact of the crisis. It is important all companies play their part in helping society during this difficult time. From simply stopping the spread of the virus, to providing our tech to charity partners and supporting our local communities and partners across the globe
  • A message from our CEO

    “This is one of the toughest times many of us will face, in both our personal and professional lives, and our thoughts are with all those affected by this crisis. The human impact, from direct health risks to the mental health impact of isolation, will be felt for years to come. Moreover this crisis will have a significant effect on our business and our industry for years to come. Therefore, as much as this is a time that calls for strong and responsible business leadership, it also calls for a human, people first response. At Playtech we believe we are all stronger together. We will continue to encourage and inspire our people to support their local communities and those working on the front line, whilst doing all we can to protect them and their families.

    “I want to take this opportunity to send a message of thanks to all our employees at Playtech. Many of our partners and licensees have contacted us to praise the continued level of services they are receiving from Playtech and this is thanks to our amazing people. The management team and I have been inspired by their continued professionalism and commitment. Moreover, we have been overwhelmed by their capacity to support not only the business but more importantly each other. From virtual quizzes and piano recitals to volunteering their own time to support their local communities.”

    Mor Weizer, Playtech CEO

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Protecting our people & our business

Below we have summarised some of the initiatives in place in our three focus areas:

An important part of protecting our people and protecting our business has been our ability to work remotely and continue to deliver a high quality and reliable service to our licensees.

Earlier in the year when the crisis started to impact many of our end markets and geographies, we moved to ensure that there was sufficient capacity in our technology, management, staffing and oversight to maintain a compliant and robust service to our licensees – whilst also helping to protect our people by enabling them to work from home.

We have launched our global #StrongerTogether campaign designed to look after the wellbeing of our people during this challenging time. This campaign, which is being delivered through our in-house learning platform, Playtech Academy, includes:

  • Providing positive psychology seminars
  • 5 ways to wellbeing initiative
  • Virtual learning programmes and ‘up-skilling’ employees

In the UK we have announced our Mental Health Champions – all trained in Mental Health First Aid to provide support  

Many companies are having to make difficult operational decisions to ensure they remain in a strong position to meet the challenges of this crisis. In order to manage the current uncertainty, from 1 April we have commenced a salary reduction programme. The salary reduction is yet another example of our people’s commendable commitment to Playtech, recognising what needs to be done in order to share the responsibility for protecting each other’s livelihoods. Together we can ensure that Playtech is in the best position possible for the future and emerge from this crisis in a strong position for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

The scheme is managed on a sliding scale so that the cuts do not apply to Playtech employees below a certain pay threshold, with the largest reduction set at 20%. The Board and Management team have all taken the largest reductions.

Playtech recognises that at this unprecedented time the industry needs to provide an increased level of Safer Gambling player engagement and data analysis, in order to support and protect new online customers or anyone experiencing increased vulnerability or high-risk behaviour patterns.

  • As a result, Playtech has made its Safer Gambling engagement tools and data analytics technology, including BetBuddy, available to all operators across the industry for free during the crisis
  • The BetBuddy solution, which is integrated with Playtech's IMS and Engagement Centre, offers tremendous opportunities for licensees to interact with players who are showing increased signs of risk. More details of how we are enabling this can be found in this Playtech blog post
  • We are fully committed to meeting our commitments to industry Safer Gambling commitments and specific industry codes of conduct published to further safeguard consumers during COVID-19 crisis
  • Game design - Playtech was instrumental in the industry adopting new measures to increase protection for online slot players.  We will continue to lead research and pilots to establish and raise standards on safer game design; working with the Betting and Gaming Council to agree timeframes for implementation
  • We are using our social media channels to regularly signpost and promote information about charities and organisations who are providing phone and online support for those seeking advice about gambling related harm as well as mental health and wellbeing
  • Across our B2B and B2C business we are reviewing advertising and operational procedures and are strengthening safeguards to account for the changing environment and risks during

Helping others during the crisis

As a global business, Playtech has offices in many locations impacted by the crisis. Playtech is offering its skills, charitable budgets, assets and technology to support our local communities, charity and not for profit organisations and licensees to help minimise the impact of COVID-19.

Below are some examples of the work being in our local offices to help our local communities:


Global: Playtech is providing the technology, online training and software from our in-house learning platform, Playtech Academy, to charity and non-profit organisations. These include those working on safer gambling research, education and mental health issues, to allow them to deliver their content and services remotely during and beyond this crisis

Cyprus: Playtech developers are volunteering to build an eHealth Monitoring system for the Cyprus Health Department – creating a dedicated COVID-19 database for health workers in Cyprus

Global: Playtech is donating licenses for educational software it holds to teachers, education institutions and other not for profit organisations to enable remote learning for students

Italy: Snaitech has developed a program for employees to provide e-learning sessions to its charity partners including the Special Olympics, Fondazione Piatti, Fondazione Rava

Estonia: Playtech has donated funds and hardware to provide computers to low-income families in Estonia so that they can continue to ‘attend’ school remotely

Bulgaria: The Playtech team in Bulgaria are continuing to help local communities affected by the COVID-19 crisis. By donating 18 Playtech-owned laptops they have helped local teachers and families with children who had very limited or no access to a computer at home, to connect and continue to learn whilst schools are closed

Across a number of our markets, our teams are making donations to help healthcare institutions secure much needed and medical equipment, such as ventilators

Italy: Snaitech, through its iziLove Foundation, donated 2500 medical masks to Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo

Estonia: Playtech has donated computers and hardware to The Estonian Society of Family Doctors in order to allow them to continue to provide medical services remotely during the crisis

Cyprus: Playtech has been donating time and funds to Friendship Circle Charity Organisation for the support of families in need during the COVID-19 crisis. Helping to prepare and meals across Cyprus

Isle of Man: Playtech has been donating food and Easter Eggs to the Isle of Man Nobles Hospital to support front line staff and brighten their holiday period

Gibraltar: Our teams in Gibraltar have coordinated a volunteering group to provide support and food to residents who can’t get food or need additional care

UK: Combatting loneliness during lockdown with the Elderly - UK Employees volunteer to reach out a programme to help re-connect isolated people during the lockdown. 

Playtech and Hands On London recently teamed up to help the elderly and isolated people to reconnect with familiar faces. The programme allows people to re-connect, be creative and learn new skills in a social and friendly environment, whilst lifting the spirits of those most isolated and unable to leave their homes.

"It is so lovely to have you volunteers and for you to take the time to create something fun for my members!" - Tina, Blackfriars Settlement

Latvia: Our teams in Latvia are working with a local charity to provide local medical staff with free meals delivered directly to the medical facilities. They have also donated €50,000 to local hospitals; €25,000 to the Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital and €25,000 to the Riga East University Hospital.

Vital medical equipment was donated to Kiev’s Regional Children's Hospital intensive care unit.

With the rise of COVID-19 cases, many companies were donating to adult hospitals as this was the demographic widely known to be most impacted by COVID-19. Playtech Ukraine discovered that there was a little attention being focused on the children’s hospital which was also lacking in necessary medical machines.

Playtech Ukraine purchased and donated the following apparatuses and the machines to Kiev’s Regional Children's hospital: 

• One breathing machine,  

• two aspirators,  

• three volumetric infusion pumps,  

• two pulse oximeters. 

• ECG machine 

"During June 2020 till Dec 2020, 2106 children were treated: 63 of which were Covid-19 Positive and 50 of which were connected to the breathing machine." - a representative from Kiev's Regional Children's hospital

At this difficult time we will continue to show our gratitude and support for everyone working on the front line in all our communities across the world – whilst doing everything we can at Playtech to protect our people and their loved ones.

From everyone at Playtech, please keep safe!