Consultancy Services

The mission statement of Playtech’s Consultancy Team is to help our partner operators get the most out of Playtech’s products and services. We can provide advice, support and valuable insight to enable your B2C operation to define and meet the goals that fit with what you want to achieve. The world of regulated digital gambling is a complex and sophisticated one, where expertise and experience add significant value. Consultancy can provide such value to large and small operators, especially those with limited experience in the digital space, and across a range of product verticals and jurisdictions. Customer engagements can come via a long-term engagement or a specific focused project.

The team are a group of seven (at time of writing) industry experts with over 100 years of experience between them, gained across B2C and B2B roles covering some of the key names in the gambling world, including of course many years working with Playtech products and platform. With dedicated resource covering Sports, Gaming and Marketing, our Consultants work hard to maintain their level of expertise and constantly share best practice as well as industry insights. Playtech Consultants have supported partner operators in a range of jurisdictions including the UK, US, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Latin America and elsewhere.

A Consultant can be particularly valuable for a partner who may be new to online, or new to the Playtech platform. Having a Consultant as part of the lead-up to a first go-live with Playtech means that you have the equivalent of a high-level expert in your team; while the Playtech project team complete the regular onboarding to make sure everything works, a Consultant will help to ensure that your own operations, settings and processes are working in exactly the way that will maximise your performance. The Consultant is there to get you ready for success!

For operators who are already running on the Playtech platform, there have been many examples of where Consultancy has enabled an operator to take their operation to a higher level of success – whether through revamping segmentation, promotions, communications, player onboarding, new market/product launches or whichever area of the operation can benefit from attention. The Playtech Consultants are often a sounding board for new ideas and approaches; validating key decisions can also be critical in an ever-changing environment.

Playtech Consultants follow a methodology which combines regular touchpoint sessions with interviews and workshops – the former to understand your operation and status, and the latter to implement recommendations and monitor their effectiveness in driving your success. Objectives and timelines are made clear and agreed at the start of any engagement, with full governance and management reporting throughout.

While our experience adds significant value, everything we do is also data-driven. Activities are linked to KPIs which need to be clearly defined and then measured. We use the results of previous work, and benchmarking against comparable operators, to inform the steps we take to drive customer success. We work closely with the data science teams within Playtech to ensure we can do this as effectively as possible. Product usage is also a valuable metric for the Consultants, and this can not only help partners get the most out of the system but also the team gives feedback to product on how we can do things even better.

As industry experts, our Consultants are keenly aware of the need to drive towards responsible and sustainable approaches across an operation. Every aspect of engaging with players is considered from a Safer Gambling point of view, utilising the Playtech Protect toolset and services.

  • Organisation structure & role optimisation
  • Platform setup & configuration
  • Marketing & CRM
  • VIP/HVC Customer Management
  • Customer Service processes
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Product Management
  • Website Management
  • Risk & Fraud
  • Payments